torsdag 17 juni 2010

GOINGS ON Beirut 24 - 27 June

Werk in collaboration with 98weeks Project Space presents Goings On - a meeting of international independent art spaces taking place in Beirut

Goings On is a temporary platform that encourages creative exchange between independent practitioners. The aim is to facilitate communication about site specific and locally generated knowledge in a friendly and conducive environment. Goings On brings together practitioners for critical debate and exchange, providing opportunities for participants to reflect on their own practice while staying informed by a wider context.

Goings On consists of project presentations, moderated discussions and collaborative group work as well as sharing meals and hanging out together.

Promoting interregional and international exchange, Goings On facilitates meetings and exchange between independent practitioners (here defined as practitioners not directly affiliated with institutions and who manages, fund, run and disseminate art projects). Goings On especially focus on people whose initiatives are part of a group effort, and who work collaboratively to achieve their goals.

Goings On functions to stimulate social interaction and social capital. Its most vital currencies being sharing time and experiences with each other.

Participants: Pikene på Broen (Norway), Kultivator (Sweden), rum46 (Denmark), El Hervidero (Spain), All Art Now, (Syria), Samandal (Lebanon), Interruptions (Jordan), Medrar (Egypt), Cura (Turkey) and more.

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